Tibetische Massage

Tenzin, ein ehem. tibet. Mönch behandelt in sehr achtsamer Weise und verbindet damit Körper und Geist. Gelernt hat er seine uralte traditionelle Massagetechnik u.a. bei seiner Mutter, welche vor ihrem weltlichen Leben eine Nonne war. Seine Methode basiert auf überliefertem Heil- und Körperwissen der Tibeter.

Tenzin spricht sehr gut Englisch und ein bisschen Deutsch. 

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I do Tibetan Chugpa Massage, which I learned from my wonderful mother. This massage technique has been passed through my family for many generations. I started studying this method of massage when I was very young. When I was younger I was a Tibetan monk, and I provided massages for the other monks in the Monestary. After I left my life as a monk, and returned to a normal lifestyle, I continued to work as a masseuse. I have learned continually the many benefits of this method of massage. Benefits can include mental relaxation, increased blood circulation, increased physical energy, and many others. 

I have continued to work as a masseuse after moving to Germany in 2010. My current clients enjoy the mental and physical benefits of this massage. Each massage is 45 minutes long, and it includes a complete body massage. The oil used is called Sorig herbal massage oil. Sorig herbal massage oil is prepared on the basis of herbal ingredients, and it’s regular application will assist in relieving physical and mental strain. Thus, it keeps mind and body fresh and light, enhances memory and blood circulation, reduces excess body fat, relaxes muscles, ligaments, nerves and regenerates body cells. 

This method of massage is not limited to Sorig oil, however, and I am able to use any type of oil that my clients may prefer. If a different oil is desired it can be either be provided by the client or I myself can bring a different oil. 

This massage is beneficial to all: young, old, sick, everyone can benefit from the invigorating effects. 


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